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Health, Safety and Environment Policy

The Directors and Management of CCIC Southasia (Private) Limited are individually and collectively committed to and accountable for the Health and Safety, both of its employees and of other persons involved in its business; and for the protection of the environment in relation to all activities carried out in the performance of its business.

Our policy is to conduct the business in a way that maintains a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and surrounding community, as well as not to have any adverse impact on the environment.

Our target for HSE performance is avoidance of accidents, no injury to people and no damage to the environment.

All employees are empowered to put Safety First, before any other consideration in our operational procedures and in the performance of our work, whether it is on site, aboard vessels, in the laboratory or in the office.

The management of CCIC Southasia (Private) Limited will provide the necessary resources and implement management systems to ensure:-

⧫ The policy and objectives are communicated to all employees, interested parties and that every effort is made to realise these targets;

⧫ Through risk assessment, identify health, safety and environmental hazards of all our activities and through consultation and benchmarking, put in controls that will primarily focus to eliminate if not minimise these risks in order to protect people and environment;

⧫ Incidents and near-misses are reported at the very first opportunity and proper investigations are triggered with an aim to prevent them;

⧫ Continually improve our health, safety and environment practices and business systems through constant interaction with customers and suppliers, fostering employee involvement and suggestions, periodical self-checks, internal audits and management reviews;

⧫ Comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the country in which we operate;

⧫ Adequate controls are in place to protect our workplace and mitigate any safety and security threats including those posed by terrorism, to our employees, visitors, customers and the public.

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