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Ethics Policy

Integrity and Impartiality are the foundations on which CCIC Southasia (Private) Limited conducts all of its businesses. The management of CCIC Southasia (Private) Limited is fully committed to providing its services in a professional, independent and impartial manner, honestly and in full compliance with applicable industry and international standards, practices, approved procedures and policies.

The Company, through the following values, aims to demonstrate its ethical conduct.

• Adhering to ‘Integrity and Impartiality’ principles

• Identifying and avoiding ‘Conflicts of Interest’ at all levels within the organization

• ‘Countering Bribery’ and ensuring businesses are not procured and conducted based on any ‘Improper Advantages’

• Providing a ‘Positive Environment’ to all our staff that is conducive to conducting business and allowing individuals to excel, be creative, take initiatives and be accountable for their actions

• Strictly ‘Complying with Laws and Regulations’ that are applicable to our business

• Observing obligations of ‘Confidentiality’

• Abiding to ‘Fair Marketing’ principles when presenting information about the company to customers

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