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Add:No.155/1, Castle Street, Colombo 08 ,Sri Lanka
Tel: 0094-11-2662413
Fax: 0094-11-2681884
CCIC SouthAsia Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as CCICSA) is an independent third party certification and inspection organization dedicated to providing inspection, verification, certification and testing services.

Adhering to the impartial, efficient, reliable services, CCICSA has become a comprehensive one-stop service provider for international clients in the fields of quality, safety, health and environmental protection.[>>> ]
Marine Loss Authentication | Judicial Certification | Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)
With the entrustment of the entrusting party, identify the marine losses, determine the causes for the general average loss and particular average loss...
Product Certification | Management System Certification
Our core business involves product certification, including China Compulsory Certification (CCC), voluntary certification....
According to the business situations of south Asia, CCICSA has established laboratories for minerals and petrochemicals in India, so as to satisfy the localized demands of customers.
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